Soniq is a brand new project started by a group of musicians who believe that something new can truly happen, if you open up to other cultures and foreign concepts. The following concerts will be the first encounter featuring

Jarry Singla (p), Ramesh Shotham (perc), Christina Fuchs (cl, sax), Macieij Garbowski (kb, vc), Sanjeev Chimmalgi (voc)

15.11.2016 Bochum, Kunstmuseum  16.11.2016 Köln, Stadtgarten  19.11.2016 Essen, Katakombentheater

1st price for Christina Fuchs at the international competition for jazz orchestra 'Scrivere in Jazz' in the category 'original composition' ! The final concerts took place on September 8th and 9th in Sassari, Palazzo di Città/Teatro Civico. The music was played by the 'Orchestra Jazz della Sardegna', Conductor: Paolo Silvestri.


is saxophonist/composer Christina Fuchs’ quartet. It is one of the more unusual ensembles in the Cologne jazz scene. This band proves that innovative jazz can be delicate, humorous, and lyrical. Their combination of jazz, ethnic music and modern compositions fascinates from the first beat.

We work on our next album which will be released in 2016/17!

next concerts: 8.3.17 Frankfurt  16.3.17 Essen


No Tango Quartet live @ the Festival Jazz au Chellah Rabat/Maroc

Sept 20, 2015  8:30 pm

After the quartet concert, No Tango will meet the marocan singer Sana'a Marahati with 

her band on the same stage at 9:30 pm

Sept 21, 2015  No Tango Quartet @ Tanger /Maroc

Salle Severo Ochoa, 8:30 pm- thanks to Goethe Institute Maroc


Europe Tour 2014


The Tour was great! Thanks to everybody who contributed.

from l to r:

Ulla Oster, Scott Tinkler, Christina Fuchs, Joe Talia, Christoph Hillmann, Andrea Keller, Ian Whitehurst, Florian Stadler

Artpipes e.V. is excited to announce the second installment of it’s Australian-German cultural collaboration. Cologne Meets Melbourne brings two leading female jazz composers from opposite ends of the world together on stage for a series of concerts in Europe, May 2014. Cologne contemporary jazz unit, the Christina Fuchs Quartet ‘No Tango’ met up with Melbourne’s Andrea Keller Quartet in Australia, 2012. Artpipes’ first exchange project brought the two quartets together in an international octet experience premiering at Australia’s Wangaratta Jazz Festival, with new music written by Fuchs, Keller and ‘No Tango’ bassist Oster.

15.5.14 Dresden

16.5.14 Berlin

17.5.14 Dortmund (WDR Jazz Meeting)

18:5.14 Luxembourg

22.5.14 Wuppertal

23.5.14 Munich

15.5.14 Cologne

 more info: special thanks to Maryanne Piper for the idea and organisation

Philharmonie Berlin 26.1.2016

Saad Thamir Vocals, Framedrums and Composition
Dietmar Fuhr Double Bass
Christina Fuchs Clarinet 
Jarry Singla Piano